Laurie McCahill
Laurie McCahill

A life in photos

With Laurie's favourite Irish song 'The Homes of Donegal"

3 generations of McCahills, The Glenties, Donegal (Laurie is far right)

I've just dropped in to see you all
Sure I'll only stay a while
I want to see how you're gettin' on
I want to see you smile.
I'm happy to be back again
Just to greet you great and small
For your hearts are like your mountains
In your Homes of Donegal.

I love to see the happy faces
Smiling at the door
And the kettle's bubbling on the crook
As I step up to your floor.
For soon the tay-pot is fillin' up
Sure my cup is far from small
For your hearts are like your mountains
In your Homes of Donegal.

Oh I long to sit along with you
And while away the night
With tales of yore and fairy lore
Beside your fires so bright.
And then to see prepared for me
A shake-down by the wall
There's repose for the weary wand'rers
In your Homes of Donegal.

The time has come and I must go
I'll bid you all adieu
For the open highway will call me
To do the things I do.
And when I'm trampin' far away
I'll hear your voices call
And please God I will return someday
to your Homes of Donegal

Your memories of Laurie

"I've just found about the passing of my good friend Laurie McCahill. I would like to send my sincere condolences to Jacinta, Declan, Laurence and their families.

I first meet Laurie the evening I went to his house in Whitton Avenue in Greenford for an interview for the Laurie McCahill Trio. He was looking for a drummer/vocalist. He got my number from a drummer I did holiday relief for, a few weeks previous. So he brought me into his house and sat me down for a chat, Sean Fitzpatrick, the other member of the trio was already there. We had a chat and I told him I was playing the Showband Scene for a few years and I was tired of the traveling all over the U.K and playing the Irish Dance Halls. So I wanted to do something that didn't involve so much traveling. After chatting for about an hour, with Jacinta making us cups of tea, Laurie decided I was suitable for the job. Having met him that evening he made me feel so relaxed and comfortable in his company, I felt I had known him for years. Anyway, that evening the Laurie McCahill Trio was born! We went on from there to have great success, having spent over 50 years in the music business. My time with the Trio was the best. I will always have great memories of our time together. Myself and Bridie moved back to Ireland some years ago, so unfortunately we lost touch with everybody. The photograph is of the opening night of the National Ballroom in Kilburn, where we played a few times, which is now long gone like all the other dance halls. These are my memories of a gentleman and a good friend. Laurie, my dear friend, R.I.P."

Tommy and Bridie Carroll

"Our lasting memories of Laurence are when he was living in Weldon. He would call into my Mum and Dad's on a Monday for his lunch. He would come armed with his lunch box and ham sandwiches. He had his own large mug for his cup of tea with just a teaspoon of milk in it. 

As Charlotte got older she would have had her own lunch, but with her big eyes she would watch Laurence eat his sandwiches. 

The next time he came and Charlotte was there there was a separate tin foil package for her and they would sit and eat their sandwiches together. Laurence and Jacinta did the same for Hannah and Erin. 

Laurence would do anything for everyone. When dad was in hospital and Mags and I were working during the day and Mum was struggling getting a bus into the hospital, Laurence would just turn up and run mum into the hospital. Nothing was too much bother and he was always there for you no matter what. 

Laurence will be truly missed by each and everyone of us, he touched the lives of so many of us. 

Always remembered, never forgotten. God bless." 

Anne-Marie, Kev, Charlotte, Hannah and Erin.

"Thank you Laurie. We lost touch some years ago but I've always remembered how my development as an Accordionist was inspired so much by him.

Laurie gave me the opportunity to teach accordion at his studio in Hanwell.

I went on from this to take all my ABRSM Theory exams and A level Music.

I also hold a British College of Accordionists teaching diploma ABCA (TD)

I'm now a Specialist music teacher for a local London Authority, musicaldirector of the Middlesex Accordion Orchestra and Co-Leader of the very successful London Accordion Orchestra.

I'm glad to have had Laurie as one of my music teachers and someone to look up to.

Finally once again I would like to say "Thank you Laurie". Always remembered with fondness and gratitude."

Jimmy Mullally

"Laurie was my RE teacher at Cardinal Wiseman School in Greenford, Middx. He was one of the three most significant people in my life who helped develop my faith. Whilst at school I would clean his Jaguar at lunch times and, as a keen photographer, took promotional photos for the Laurie McCahill Trio. (Some are on this website). He, with his trio, performed at my wedding in Aylesbury forty years ago. I subsequently became a teacher and Headteacher. I have never forgotten Laurie McCahill."

Stuart Halllahan

About Laurie

"I have just read about Mr McCahill's death and wanted to write to tell you that he was my form teacher in my last year of school in 1963. The school was Corpus Christi RC School in Leicester. I knew him between Autumn 1962 to Summer 1963. He was the kindest teacher I ever had and a lovely gentle humorous man. All of the pupils in my class loved and respected him.

I am so sad to learn of his death and, particularly, of finding out about it too late to attend his funeral. I would dearly have liked to have shown my respects for someone I only knew for a short time, but who I have always remembered because he brought so much happiness to our lives.

God bless Laurie."

Alan Shepherd

"Laurie taught me to play the accordion, I remember going to lessons in Greenford and also to his house in Whitton Avenue.

I will always remember the time I ventured out to play my first gig in a club where the band who were booked didn't show up, the very next morning Laurie called me to ask how it went, I told him it was good and also how much the club had paid me for the evening. When he heard the amount he asked was I doing anything as he would like to take me back to the venue and confront the relevant person about the small amount I received, he was annoyed that one of his pupils got so little. When we went to the venue this was very soon rectified after a few words (and looks) from Laurie.

He also said something to me one night in The Pope John Centre in Heston after one of his bands gigs, this has always stuck in my mind ever since, he said to me "You will meet many acquaintances in your life, and you will be able to count your true friends on your fingers". R.I.P. Laurie - one of life's True Gentlemen"

Raymond Morrissey

"I have known Laurence for about 21 years. I married one of his nieces. A warm kind gentleman. Always made me laugh. We've had some great banter moments over the years because he supported Man Utd and I support Liverpool. I, along with my family will miss Laurence very much. RIP Laurence."

Scott Loom

"I knew Laurie for over 30 years...I will always remember our chats about football (mugging Man U), teaching and arseholes who run education. I smile at his love for his big chair, big mugs of tea, cheeky fags everywhere and his love for his boys, Jacinta and the way he turned into a soppy pussy cat with Seamus, Arthur and Declan's three. Rest up Laurie. A true gent."

Claude Gauci

"I had the great honour of working with Laurie at Cardinal Wiseman Greenford at the start of my teaching career in 1972. Laurie gave me great support when I started deanery adult RE courses at The Wiseman. In subsequent years, especially in two headships, I often reflected on his work as Second Master.

Although living now in Killarney I was told of Laurie's death and reminded of it again when I was doing some research on a Diocesan website. My prayers go out this evening to all of those who Laurie touched in a positive way."

Alan Whelan